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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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2.5.1 Classical Chinese Children Primer: A gem in nurturing giftedness

Previously in China, early childhood education was known as "enlightenment" with the focus on educating the child as a whole. In today's China, there is a revival of using these materials to teach children. This presentation will introduce three Chinese children's primers and discuss how these materials can be valuable resources in nurturing children's potential, especially for those who are more advanced in language development.


Caroline Kwok
MegaBrain Institute
Hong Kong

Caroline Kwok, corporate consultant, for over 30 years studied the human brain as it relates to potential development. In the last 10 years have approached this topic from ancient Chinese sources, and combining with today's understanding of the human brain, has designed programs and consultant projects. Caroline also co-chaired the 1995 WCGTC in Hong Kong.


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