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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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2.4.5 Fostering creativity in teaching gifted learners mathematics in regular classroom in high schools

Teaching for creativity has been a learning goal for teachers across all disciplines and levels. In South African schools, mathematically gifted learners can make significant contributions to a community. Still they may be at risk of underachieving, unless teachers can derive methods to foster creativity to engage and challenge their abilities. The current education in South Africa supports inclusive education. This presentation reviews literature and previous research intended to discuss some of the methods that can be considered to improve learners' creativity.


Dimakatso Agnes Mohokare
Central University of Technology
South Africa

I am currently working at Christian Liphoko Secondary School, teaching mathematics and mathematical literacy from grade 10 -12. My passion is to work with learners and get pleasure in seeing them progressing in life. I am in a possession of Bed (Hons) in both management and professional curriculum studies, and currently doing my Masters Degree at Central University of Technology . I want to use my knowledge to assist learners who are struggling especially in mathematics and show them that anyone can archive in life through hard working and extra efforts and through effective teaching and learning


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