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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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11 Teach from the heart: Meeting the social-emotional needs of diverse gifted learners

Gifted children possess a higher level of sensitivity in the area of social and emotional development. This heightened awareness has a direct impact on the performance and success of gifted students. Thus, it is imperative that educational professionals develop an instructional model that incorporates these internal needs into the classroom. In this session, we will analyse how brain research, psychological theory, and educational pedagogy can be combined to deliver an emotionally aware curriculum that ministers to the SEL of the intellectually gifted learner.


Vickie Crockett
TEACH Educational Consulting, LLC
United States

I am a 19-year education veteran with vast experience in diverse student populations. I have engaged in programs to innovate in the area of gifted identification and have conducted research and delivered training on the SEL learning needs of underrepresented and diverse gifted learner. My independent research and educational program introduces a new instructional framework that incorporates


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