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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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2.5.2 Depth and complexity in the curriculum for gifted students

According to research, the curriculum that is preferred and most suited to gifted children allows them the deep levels of exploration when investigating a topic. This was demonstrated by data collected from the students participating in the Days of Excellence programs. The unique nature of these offerings is investigated, in an effort to understand the complex nature of the relationship between the achievement of depth and breadth in the students’ learning and the unique structure of the programs.


Mirella Olivier
BRAINways Education

Dr. Mirella Olivier is a teacher currently completing her PhD in Gifted Education. She is also the Coordinator of BRAINways EDUCATION (organisation offering a wide range of programs for gifted children), and a mother of two highly gifted children. Mirella’s first degree is in Medicine, and she also completed her Masters of Health Sciences, with focus on Sports Medicine, specifically on elite athletes.


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