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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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3.2.9 Talent support networks ensuring capacities and a quality of talent development

Regional networks of teachers, field experts (researchers), stakeholders, policy makers, psychologists, teacher trainers, and institutions stimulate activities within shared concepts and measurements implemented by the Ministry of Education. Key functions are to exchange information; to create high quality activities for children, pupils, students; to provide pedagogy training; and to create cooperation among field experts, communities, and schools in the talent support development. Examples of activities fulfilling the criteria of high quality and related both to existing school systems and emerging talent support networks will be presented: manipulations for development of math concepts (pre-school), enquiry activities (primary schoolers), and designing and leading team research STEM activities (high schoolers).


Stanislav Zelenda
National Institute for Futher Education
Czech Republic

Stanislav Zelenda works on using of ICT for education and learning in physics, science and in teacher training. He looks for systematic ways of identification and care for gifted and talented pupils interested in STEM. For last fifteen years he has been focusing on development of online methods of learning, communication, and collaboration among pupils and subject experts. In these national and international experimental-developmental-research activities he cooperates with scientists, science teachers and psychologists. He is a head of the projects Talnet – online to science since and the project a national care for gifted in the Czech Republic.


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