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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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26 The application of modeling in biology teaching

The model is used to display complex objects or process performance means, while model building method based on research model to reveal the original form, character and essence of the scientific method. The model can help students understand the complexity of life activities, and learn to study the biology of the scientific method. This paper expounds the classification of biology model, from the perspective of education theory and the characteristics of students, and expounds the biological significance of model teaching of junior high school.


Lirong Zhang
Beijing No. 8 High School

I work in the education teaching for 20 years, for senior high school biology teachers. I love education career, like students, I in the center of the biological teaching emphasis falls in with happiness means to cultivate students with innovation ability. Teaching should come from life, return to life, happiness in life to promote scientific literacy, enhance creativity.


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