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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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4.4.3 Enabling parents, enabling children

In 2015, I led advocacy by way of parent guided study groups about giftedness. Seeking to shift parent support meetings towards more productive and sustainable learning opportunities, I set about to embed facilitated guided study groups using six key areas of understanding giftedness to not only provide a pathway for parents to understand their gifted children, but to enable them to have credible conversations with key educational stakeholders. This session will review the data collected, share the model that was implemented, and how parent education contributes to a better understanding of the social, emotional, and educational needs of gifted learners.


Julia Bailey
Darra State School

Julia Bailey (MEd, BTeach, DipHRM) understands firsthand the frustration many parents feel as they navigate education for their gifted children - she brings an authentic and compassionate approach to this dilemma by encouraging parents to become as educated as possible on the needs of their gifted children. Julia continues to push the boundaries of conventional school processes by seeking to identify gifted learners before they become disengaged to ensure access to their learning is commensurate with their ability. Julia has a special interest in giftedness in children who have experienced trauma and aspires to contribute to this field of research.


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