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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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4.1.4 The development and effects of a parent education program for creativity improvement using art activities and thinking tools

The purpose of this study was to develop a parent education program using art activities and thinking tools, and to examine the effects of the program on parents' creativity, a creative family environment, and infants' creative characteristics. The present program consists of 12 sessions and each session lasts 90 minutes. Participants were 72 parents. The pre-test and the post-test were performed before and after the experimental treatment. The results of the present study indicate that our program for parents had significant effects on improving the creative family environment and infants' creative characteristics as well as parents' creative thinking.


Sun-Hee An*

HaeYum Kindergarten
South Korea

* (2017) Ph.D. Hoseo University, South Korea * (present) Director of a kindergarten

EunHyun Sung
HaeYum Kindergarten
South Korea

*(Present) President, The Korean Society for Gifted and Talented *(2014-2015) President, The Korean Association for Creativity Education *(Present) Professor, Department of early childhood education, Hoseo University * (1995) Ph.D. (Doctorat ├Ęs lettres et sciences humaines), University of Paris 5, France


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