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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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2.5.5 A toolbox for rigorous identification: Preschool – Year 12

The identification of gifted students can potentially be problematic. This session will demonstrate how to cast the net wide to find all potentially gifted students, including those who may be under-represented. The results of single-instrument (or even psychometric) testing, if conditions on a particular day are not conducive to the student, could result in overlooked cases with unfortunate implications. Collecting a body of evidence to support your decision need not be a challenge if certain steps are taken. Our focus in this session is to take you through those steps and provide you with the necessary tools.


Angela Foulds-Cook
The Southport School

Over the past 3 decades Angela has worked with students, teachers and parents in Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore and USA. She has developed gifted programs and presented at international and state conferences on giftedness advancing educational and creative outcomes for gifted, 2e and under-represented students. As an Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching and Head of Gifted Education at The Southport School, she facilitates gifted programs years 7-12 and is teacher mentor for cluster and accelerated classes. Angela was recognised as a finalist in the QLD College of Teachers Excellence in Leadership and Teaching awards.

Jasna Poeszus
The Southport Preparatory School

Jasna's 29-year career in Education spans across a wide spectrum of learners. Curriculum adjustments and the provision of quality teaching and learning experiences that engage students, has been the driving force behind her contributions to this field. Qualified in both special education and gifted education, Jasna has held a number of positions including Assistant Principal Curriculum as well as Education Consultant in NSW across all Educational Sectors, State, Independent and Catholics Schools. Jasna has presented at a number of state conferences. She is currently Coordinator of Gifted & Talented Programs P-6 at The Southport Preparatory School.


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