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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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2.9.1 Parents of twice exceptional children: A panel presentation for teachers and parents

Twice-exceptional students are individuals whose families and teachers typically struggle to provide for their social and academic wellbeing. This symposium draws on the experiences of four parents of twice-exceptional children to demonstrate how they are negotiating school and home experiences through supporting the child’s disability while allowing expression of their giftedness. These parents have dealt with a range of very formidable issues, including: the use of prescribed medicines, obtaining disability adjustments for external examinations, managing family life, and fostering self-esteem in children who are often facing significant challenges.


Gabrielle Oslington
Macquarie University

Dr Oslington is Gifted and Talented Coordinator at an independent school in Sydney. She has responsibility for the students whose academic ability places their needs beyond the normal differentiation provided by the classroom teacher, and works with children across their primary schooling. Her students have exceptional successes in inter-school competitions, particularly in Mathematics. Dr Oslington has a particular interest in the needs of twice exceptional children, and has post-graduate training in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. To complement her teaching, Dr Oslington is currently enrolled at Macquarie University working on a doctoral dissertation on mathematical reasoning in young gifted mathematicians.

Michelle Meltzer


Belinda Cooley

Belinda is a senior health worker with over 20 years’ experience Belinda is a specialist in the areas of children, young people and mental health. Belinda has worked as a guest lecturer at the University of New South Wales and the University of Sydney. Belinda holds a Bachelor of Social Work and is a qualified primary school teacher. Belinda has had two practice papers published, one focusing on children and domestic violence, the other paper focuses on supervising students who have a disability. Belinda is also the parent of a daughter, aged 13 years, identified as gifted with dyslexia.

Louise Dutton

Louise Dutton is an Early Childhood, Learning Support and English as a Second Language teacher with 23 years experience in the ACT government sector. She is also the mother of two twice exceptional children whom she home schools. As a parent and teacher her special interests lie in the areas of: giftedness, learning difficulties and wellbeing. As a member of GLDAustralia she participates in their discussions to support parents' challenges. Louise has been invited to present at forums on twice exceptional children. She is passionate about the mental wellbeing of children and supporting them in achieving their full potential.


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