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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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2.6.6 Developing a growth mindset culture amongst academically gifted and highly able secondary students

This presentation will outline how a co-educational, academically selective entry secondary school in Victoria has changed the nature of assessment, reporting, awards, recognition, and praise to support highly able and gifted students to focus on learning, challenge, collaboration, and growth, rather than emphasising the fear-engendering focus on achievement. We identify a predominance of ‘fixed mindset’ traits (Dweck), in our student and family population and have worked hard to create a culture that supports the development of ‘growth mindset’ characteristics so that we can maximise their learning potential and support their wellbeing.


Sue Harrap
Nossal High School

I have held various roles in education. Originally a Biology/Science and Maths teacher, I began my career in Swaziland. I have taught and been an assistant/campus principal in both rural and urban settings, including K-12 and senior secondary, and worked closely with primary and tertiary colleagues. I started at Nossal High School, one of Victoria's four selective entry government schools, in 2012. I have graduate qualifications in Education, Adolescent Welfare and Assessment, and a Masters in School Leadership. My recent work has been on the development of curriculum and pedagogy that facilitates a focus on progress, reflection and collaboration.


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