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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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24 Investigating active learning in a Biology classroom through an inquiry approach for high ability learners

This presentation discusses the use of inquiry-based learning (IBL) as a learner-centred approach to cultivate active thinking and learning in a scientific classroom for high-ability learners. Improvements in students’ interests, scientific synthesis, and processing skills, have been reported in undergraduate students in the areas of science and engineering. However, learning gains in these areas following the implementation of IBL remain poorly understood in learners younger than 18. In this study, IBL is implemented in biology classrooms comprised of gifted female learners aged 15-16 years old. Students’ learning outcomes including knowledge and skills are measured quantitatively using diagnostics tests.


Ai Khim Lim
Raffles Girls' School (Secondary)

I completed my PhD in Biological Sciences (NUS) in 2010, where I worked on the ovary development in fruitflies with Dr Toshie Kai in Temasek Lifesciences Laboratory. I went to join Professor Barbara Knowles and Professor Davor Solter in Institute of Medical Biology from 2010-2013, where I worked on the ovary development in mice. I joined RGS in 2014.

Tien Lee*



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