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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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4.4.2 Counselling parents of gifted children: A Brazilian experience

This presentation aims to describe a counselling service for parents of gifted children implemented in a Brazilian university. The main purpose of this service is to provide parents an opportunity to explore concerns and difficulties they face in raising a gifted child, to receive information about giftedness, and to discuss strategies to be applied in the family context to enhance children talent development. The activities implemented and the dynamic of the meetings are described. The outcomes reported by the participants of this service are also presented. We will discuss problems faced by these families and the importance of guiding them.


Denise Fleith
University of Brasilia

Denise de Souza Fleith, Ph.D., is a psychologist and an associate professor at the Institute of Psychology, University of Brasilia, Brazil. She received her doctoral degree from the University of Connecticut in gifted and talented education. Dr. Fleith is the vice-president of the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children. She is a consultant for the Ministry of Education, a researcher at the National Council of Scientific and Technological Development in Brazil, and a member of editorial boards of Brazilian and international journals. She founded, with other scholars, the Brazilian Council for Giftedness.

Daniela Vilarinho-Rezende
University of Brasilia

Daniela Vilarinho-Rezende is a psychologist and a Ph.D. student at the Processes of Human Development and Health Program, Institute of Psychology, University of Brasilia, Brazil. Her research interests include creativity and innovation, digital technology in education, talent development and giftedness, and positive psychology.


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