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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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20 Gifted education in Norway, from teachers' perspectives

This research project is focused on how teachers in Norwegian primary and secondary schools view and accommodate gifted students. The following research questions are explored in this study: How do Norwegian teachers conceptualise and view giftedness? How are gifted students accommodated in Norwegian schools? How many teacher-identified gifted students are there in Norwegian schools? The study uses quantitative survey methods from a representative part of Norwegian elementary and secondary teachers. Gifted education is new in Norway and there is interest in what knowledge teachers have, teachers' concepts of giftedness, and how they view accommodation for gifted students.


Astrid Lenvik
University of Bergen

Astrid Lenvik has a master degree in Special Needs Education from the University of Oslo. She wrote her master thesis on gifted education and disruptive behavior, with guidance from professor Liv Duesund at University of Oslo, and professor Elliot Turiel at University of California, Berkeley. The field work for her thesis was conducted while she was staying as a visiting student at UCB. Lenvik has work experience from the national service for special needs education in Norway, the educational and psychological service provider for schools in Oslo, as well as schools and pre-schools.

Lise Øen Jones*

Lise Øen Jones is Associate Professor, Department of Biological and Medical Psychology, University of Bergen. Jones delivered her PhD-thesis “Effects of reading skills, spelling skills and accompanying efficacy beliefs on participation in education. A study of Norwegian prisons.” In 2012. She has since written several articles on reading and writing skills, education for prisoners, digital competence and digital learning. Jones is currently working on several research projects in relation to education in prisons, both Norwegian and international.

Elisabeth Hesjedal*

Elisabeth Hesjedal is Associate Professor, Department of Education, University of Bergen. Hesjedal has a particular interest in interprofessional collaboration and inclusive education for children at risk. She delivered her PhD-thesis” Interprofessional collaboration between schools and child welfare center: what can support children at risk”, in 2014. Hesjedal is currently working on research project related to children’s participation and special needs education.


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