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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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3.4.2 Identifying the gifted learner in a rural context

This presentation will examine the cognitive and affective benefits for parents and educators of the gifted, which was achieved by an inspiring professional learning joint venture, funded by the Victorian Government and delivered by the VAGTC. Rural living challenges examined include peer support, professional learning, and uncertainty about a child's developmental behaviours. Participants will discuss the cognitive and affective benefits expressed by the seminar participants, via pre and post test results, as a direct outcome of the Gifted and Talented Identification seminars in rural towns in Victoria.


Carmel Meehan
Victorian Association for Gifted and Talented Children Inc.

Carmel is an Independent Educational Consultant and a former primary school principal with 20 years of leadership experience. Carmel's interests are in curriculum development that allows gifted and talented students to reach their potential.She joined the VAGTC after completing a Post Graduate Certificate in Gifted Education, she also has a Master of Education, a Graduate Diploma in Religious Education and Counseling and Infant Teacher training.Carmel has been the President of the VAGTC for the past 6 years ,she has presented workshops and seminars at conferences Nationally and Internationally and is a published author.


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