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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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2.3.1 Teacher as researcher: Empathy as the first step in designing provisions for highly able students.

This presentation will share insights gathered from the early stages of an ethnographic study exploring the impact of the teacher as an anthropologist and ethnographer, using empathy, perception, and relationship to engage school communities in improved practices for high ability students. A unique feature of this study and presentation relates to the exploration of engagement in change as a result of participation in a design-thinking process. Stories from teachers, gathered during their initial engagement in the discovery stage of the design-thinking process will be shared during the presentation.


Desiree Gilbert
The Association of Independent Schools, SA

Desiree works as a Consultant at The Association of Independent Schools of South Australia. She has extensive experience in Numeracy and Mathematics. Desiree provides advice and support to schools in designing a range of professional learning opportunities to build teacher capacity. Her focus is upon curriculum development and meeting the needs of all students, including the gifted. Desiree has published two books supporting practical classroom strategies in literacy and numeracy and is currently engaged in Doctoral research in the area of pedagogical change.


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