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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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3.3.6 Using student feedback to monitor and enhance programming strategies for talent development

Student voice is important in education and can be used as a tool to guide teacher practice. This concept is especially the case for the gifted, who can often provide insight about teacher practice and how it meets their personalised learning needs. This presentation will detail how qualitative and quantitative data from focus groups, surveys, and individual student and teacher questionnaires are being used in a variety of ways to influence teacher practice and to monitor and enhance classroom experiences for the gifted.


Nicole Sabbadin
Loreto Kirribilli

Nicole Sabbadin is Gifted and Talented Coordinator at an independent Catholic girls' school in inner city Sydney, Australia. After graduating, Nicole worked in secondary schools in the United Kingdom, where her passion for gifted education was stimulated. Nicole received her Masters in Educational Psychology from the University of South Australia, and is currently studying a Masters of Education at UNSW, specialising in Gifted Education. She has published papers about target setting and reflection, and the Teaching for Understanding frameworks in MYSA, and has presented at a number of conferences within Australia on teaching English Literature, and differentiation practices for gifted.


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