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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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3.11.3 Gifted girls speak out: A qualitative study exploring career development experiences of gifted adolescent girls

This presentation provides an overview of a qualitative, cross-sectional study containing three separate data sets (N=18 total participants) exploring the question of how adolescent gifted girls develop their career priorities over time. It examines participant perceptions of influential factors on their career-related values, goals, and decision making processes. Participants from three selective entry gifted education high school programs in South Australia participated. This presentation makes a significant contribution by proposing a career decision making model of gifted adolescent girls. It also establishes a platform for an anticipated longitudinal study. Unique Australian gifted educational contexts framing this study are also outlined.


Rebecca Napier
Flinders University

Rebecca is a PhD candidate and sessional staff member at Flinders University. Her PhD investigates the career development experiences of gifted adolescent girls. Her educational positions in Australia and Canada have ranged from special education to mainstream teaching to gifted education. Rebecca is currently a gifted education coordinator at two sister schools. Philosophy teaching is one of her current passions in this role. Volunteering with several not-for-profit gifted associations has enriched her experience in the field. Raising two of her own gifted adolescents currently provides her with many interesting adventures. Music and nature are two of her greatest loves.


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