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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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2.1.8 "You're gifted, why are you here?" Counselling the gifted and talented.

Research indicates that, in general, school counsellors have very little knowledge of the affective, developmental and career counselling concerns of gifted students. This limits their ability to provide effective counselling. Due to their unique characteristics as learners, gifted students have specific counselling issues which often need to be addressed. In addition, they must deal with “normal” twenty-first century counselling issues, often at an earlier age than their age peers. Both teachers and school counsellors will benefit from this presentation, which summarises issues pertaining to counselling gifted and talented students, and then provides suggestions as to the most effective methodology.


Wendy Stewart
Dara School for the Gifted

Wendy Stewart has a solid background in Gifted Education. She has worked with gifted students in schools for over twenty years, has a Masters in Gifted Education and has held positions on both state and national gifted associations. Wendy also holds qualifications in Counselling because she was unable to find a school counsellor who could assist in counselling gifted students. Nor could she find assistance in counselling gifted students from outside of the education system. So, she started her own counselling business; in addition to working part-time as School Counsellor at Dara School, she counsels gifted children and adults.


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