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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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15 A study on the use of formative feedback and growth portfolio to enhance self-regulatory capacity amongst high-ability learners.

This case study examines how formative feedback may help in enhancing the capacity of high-ability learners (HALs) to self-regulate in the learning of a second language. Despite self-regulatory learning (SRL) being examined in numerous educational settings and being proven to be effective in facilitating learning processes, few empirical studies have been conducted in the context of second language learning, specifically amongst HALs (Laine, 2010; Weinberg, 2011). Based on a large body of research on HALs, these individuals exhibit traits of self-regulation (Risemberg & Zimmerman, 1992) and these skills could be stretched further through self-regulatory classroom strategies.


Rohaida Ismail

I have been teaching Malay Language (secondary level)for the past 18 years. My passion in teaching has always been in developing and enhancing the Malay Language curriculum and assessments to cater to the needs of my gifted learners. My philosophy is; the teacher may play a key role in the creation of effective learning environments, but at the end of the day, learning is optimised only when students takes full ownership of their learning.


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