New Year Update 2020

As we ring in a new decade, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your support of the WCGTC. You are vital to the success of our efforts to advocate for gifted individuals around the globe! We will soon be distributing a survey to all current members to better understand how you engage with our current resources, what we can do to improve our current resources, as well as what additional resources or engagement opportunities you would like us to offer. In the meantime, please have a look below at several of the projects on which we are currently working.

Thank you for being a supporter of gifted education and the WCGTC!

Tyler Clark, Executive Administrator

National Policies and Provisions

National policies and provisions are important for creating a common understanding about what gifted education means. We have collaborated with the Delegates to compile a list of current policies and provisions at the national level. Our hope is that individuals working to improve or create policies in their countries can use this information to inform their work. Click the button below to see the current repository.

Repository of Graduate Theses and Dissertations

There are many graduate students working around the world on research to better understand gifted education and talent development. To help these students share their work as well as help current graduate students and researchers find new resources, we have started a repository of graduate theses and dissertations. Please share your work (or your students’ work) with us so we may include it in our listing. Click below to see the current list.

Calendar of Events

Our current President, Julia Link Roberts, often says, “An opportunity is not an opportunity until you know about it.” There are many conferences and workshops related to gifted education around the world that provide valuable information. Please help us share information about opportunities to visitors to our website by giving us information about upcoming events in gifted education. See our current listing by visiting the link below.

Teacher Educator Position Paper Committee

Upon receiving several requests from Delegates, members, and other individuals around the world, the WCGTC is appointing a committee to draft a position paper that reviews overarching principles to ensure teachers are prepared to educate gifted students and help these students realize their full potential. This committee will be chaired by Dr. Norma Hafenstein from the University of Denver, Colorado, United States of America. Dr. Hafenstein will review applications and submit a slate of 15 members to the Executive Committee for consideration and final approval. If you are not chosen to be on the committee, you will still have an opportunity to review the position paper and provide feedback before it is released publicly. The WCGTC Executive Committee endeavors for this committee to be international in nature to ensure consideration of cultural differences. If you are interested in being on the Teacher Educator Standards Position Paper committee, please complete and submit the form below. To be eligible to serve on the committee, you must be a current WCGTC member. Applications are due January 15, 2020.


Currently, the two publications of the WCGTC include the World Gifted newsletter and the Gifted and Talented International (GTI) journal. I have been quite impressed with the number of countries that have sent Delegate reports to include in the newsletter. Our most recent issue includes reports from 14 different countries. Please take a moment to review these reports.

We will soon be mailing the latest issue of GTI which is a special issue on creativity. A huge thank you to Barbara Kerr who is the editor of this special issue and the many reviewers who have helped make this issue possible. I would also like to thank the current GTI Co-Editors (Leonie Kronborg and Megan Foley-Nicpon), the Associate Editors (Barbara Kerr, June Maker, Nielsen Pereira, Franzis Preckel, Ann Robinson, and M. Alexandra Vuyk), the editorial board, and all the authors who have prepared manuscripts for the journal. Please take time to login and read the articles in our archives online here.

We have also interviewed several authors about their articles. You may see the interviews here.

Bylaws and Policies and Procedures Documents

The Executive Committee is reviewing our Bylaws and Policies and Procedures documents. These documents provide the framework for the work we do as an organization to engage with our members and advocate for gifted individuals globally. We are excited about the proposed changes to these documents as we believe they bring increased inclusivity, transparency, and collaborative nature to the organization. In the coming months, we will be sharing tracked changes with the membership of both documents. If you have suggestions you would like us to incorporate, please send those to

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