In conjunction with the WCGTC Executive Committee, the Local Conference Committee has decided upon the following strands for the conference. The text in the parentheses are the codes used in the conference program.

  1. Giftedness and Talent: Models, Research, and Practice (G&T)
  2. Creativity: Research and Practice (Creativity)
  3. Identification: Models, Instruments, and Approaches (Identification)
  4. Social and Emotional Needs (S/E)
  5. Twice-Exceptional Learners (2e)
  6. Guidance and Counselling (Guidance)
  7. Diversity in Giftedness (Diversity)
  8. Parenting or Care Giving (Parenting)
  9. Schooling Alternatives for the Gifted and Talented (School Alternatives)
  10. Advocacy: National, State, Regional, and Local (Advocacy)
  11. Leadership Development (Leadership)
  12. Programming, Curriculum, and Pedagogy (Programming)
  13. Educational Technology (Ed Tech)

The EC and LCC believe these strands encompass many different topics and go well with the Global Perspectives in Gifted Education theme.