Denise Fleith Elected President of the WCGTC

Denise Fleith - World Council for Gifted and Talented Children - President-ElectThe Executive Committee reviewed nominations for President of the WCGTC, and one nominee met all requirements as outlined in the Bylaws. That nominee is Denise Fleith from Brazil. With only one nominee, no election is required. Denise has accepted the nomination and will begin her term at the conclusion of the Virtual World Conference.

Denise Fleith is a professor at the Institute of Psychology, University of Brasilia, a researcher at the National Council for the Development of Science and Technology in Brazil, a member of the scientific board of the Brazilian Network of Science for Education, and a founding member of the Brazilian Council for Giftedness. She has been a visiting professor in Portugal and the USA. She has conducted research on creativity development in the educational setting, creativity measures, socio-emotional development of gifted students, and family of the gifted. She has published over 150 books, chapters and articles. She received her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology (Gifted and Talented Education) from the University of Connecticut in 1999.

Nominations for Executive Committee members are now open. Anies al Hroub (Lebanon), Margaret Sutherland (Scotland), and Eleonoor van Gerven (The Netherlands) will have two more years remaining in their term. Thus, nominees may not be from Lebanon, The Netherlands, or Scotland. Nominations may be submitted before April 15 at

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