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There are many conferences and workshops around the globe focused on gifted education. To see a calendar of events, you may visit https://www.world-gifted.org/calendar/. If you know about an event that is not listed, please provide us with information about the event by completing the form at https://www.world-gifted.org/calendar-update/.

National Information

Some countries have national organizations that provide support for gifted young people. To see a list of these national organizations, please visit https://www.world-gifted.org/resources/national-gifted-info/. If you have an organization to add to the list, please email us with this information so we may add it.

Gifted Support

Many groups and their websites can help you navigate the complex work of educating and providing support to gifted young people. To see a list of just some of those Support resources please visit the Gifted Support page.

Degree Programs

If you would like to advance your own education in understanding high level achievement of diverse learners there are degree programs in gifted education available worldwide. To locate traditional and online programs please see the Gifted Degree Programs page. Please help us add to this list by providing information about programs not listed using the form at https://www.world-gifted.org/gdp-update.

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