World Gifted Newsletter

World Gifted is the official bulletin of the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children. It contains the latest news and information concerning the organization, its membership, and the international gifted education community. It is published two-three times each year. The available archives date back to 1980.

World Gifted Newsletter 37(2)

Gifted and Talented International

Gifted and Talented International (GTI) is the official journal of the World Council. Its purpose is to share current theory, research, and practice in gifted education with its audience of international educators, scholars, researchers, and parents. GTI is refereed by an editorial review board of leading international educators of the gifted. It is published twice a year.

GTI is published electronically and in paper form. A WCGTC membership provides you an electronic subscription, which includes the entire available archive back to 1982. Routledge, a part of the Taylor & Francis Group is the new publisher for GTI. For more information regarding institutional memberships, please contact us at

Other Publications

WCGTC Members also receive access to the archives of Roeper Review and Creativity Research Journal.

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