Global Principles for Professional Learning in Gifted Education

On August 2, 2021, the WCGTC® released a new document titled Global Principles for Professional Learning in Gifted Education. This document is intended as a tool to create positive change on behalf of gifted students locally, regionally, and globally. The principles can serve to urge educational leaders and policymakers to invest in professional learning to benefit gifted education. Policymakers should adopt policies that mandate the inclusion of gifted education in teacher education programs at national, regional, and local levels. (Note: Based upon feedback, the summary of Principle 5 was updated on the poster and document to include socio-economic statuses, matching with the existing description in the document. The updated documents were posted on November 1, 2021.)

The document will be reviewed in 2024 – 2025 to make any necessary updates.

The Executive Committee is working on a process for translating the document into other languages. As more information becomes available, it will be posted on the WCGTC website.

Endorsed By:

Peer-reviewed manuscripts incorporating the document are listed below.

(Note: While these manuscripts have been peer-reviewed by their respective journal, the WCGTC has not conducted peer review on the articles. If you have an article to add here, please email

  • Brazzolotto, M., & Phelps, C. (2021). Global principles for professional learning in gifted education and Italian primary teachers. International Journal for Talent Development and Creativity9(1), 123 – 141.
  • Sutherland, M., & Reid, C. (2023). A Small Country with Big Ambitions: Does This Include the Gifted? Education Sciences13(8).
  • Weber, C. L., & Mofield, E. L. (2023). Considerations for professional learning supporting teachers of the gifted in pedagogical content knowledgeGifted Child Today46(2), 128 – 141. 

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