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Brazilian Council for Giftedness (Conselho Brasileiro para Superdotação)

Gifted children are those who demonstrate high achievement and/or potential in any of the following areas: intelectual ability; specific academic aptitude; creative or productive thinking; leadership ability; musical, visual, and performance arts; and psychomotor abilities.

A child whose cognitive abilities can be proven to surpass those of their average classroom, and therefore in need of special education services. Statistically defined as those who surpass the 97th percentile on intelligence tests (IQ of 130 or more).

The National Information Centre for Education and Talent Development, SLO (Netherlands Institute for Curriculum Development)

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P.O. Box 2041

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The Netherlands

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Piet Heinstraat 12

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The Netherlands


Parent Association(s):

The ‘Koepel Hoogbegaafdheid’ (Umbrella of Giftedness) started out as a regular meeting between the chairs of the different clubs for parents (participants: Pharos, HINT, Choochem) in 2003.

Stichting Koepel Hoogbegaafdheid
Postbus 32015
2303 DA Leiden

Gifted students are defined in the Elementary School Act from 2011 (Article 11): “Gifted students are students, who show higher abilities than the majority of their peers in thinking abilities or performances in different learning domains, arts, or sports. The school is obligated to provide for these students’ circumstances for learning by adapting learning contents and teaching methods to their potentials as well as participation in extracurricular activities (additional lessons, individual or group help/support) and other enrichment activities.”

Confederación Española de Atlas Capacidades Intelectuales (CONFINES or Spanish National Association for Gifted and Talented)

Fundación AVANZA

Student with a specific need for educational support due to its very high intelectual capacity. (Alumno de necesidad especifica de apoyo educativo debido a su muy alta capacidad intelectual)

Potential Plus UK

Wales: More Able and Talented describes pupils who require opportunities for enrichment and extension that go beyond those provided for the general cohort of pupils. More Able pupils given extended opportunities, will not only discover but also develop their talents. The term More Able and Talented encompasses pupils who are more able across the curriculum as well as those who show talent in one or more specific areas.

National Association for Gifted Children

There is currently not a federal mandate. Decisions regarding gifted students are at the discretion of each state. NAGC (2015) provides useful information regarding the policies and procedures present in each state.

NAGC. (2015). State of the states in gifted education: Policy and practice data. Retrieved from

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