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WCGTC Webinar – Culturally Responsive Education for the Gifted

March 20, 2023 @ 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm


(Times are in Central European Time)

Culturally responsive education values and reflects the assets of all gifted students; helps them feel more valued and empowered. It focuses on multiculturalism as an asset for gifted learners, particularly for gifted students from underserved, underrepresented, and marginalized populations (e.g., gifted females, gifted-LGBTQ+, gifted refugees, and other linguistically, racially, and/or economically disadvantaged groups) whose skills are often underestimated. Culturally responsive education moves away from a deficit mindset that focuses on what a student cannot do, to a mindset that focuses on students’ strengths and untapped potential. It identifies students’ assets and uses them to create rigorous, student-centered instruction. It also helps in building an inclusive curriculum to assist teachers and students in understanding different perspectives, appreciating others’ strengths, and building empathy.

PJ Sedillo - WCGTC Webinar Speaker

PJ Sedillo

Being Cultural Responsiveness is the ability to competently facilitate and guide those who are Gifted-LGBTQ+. This must include the negotiating process of the differences and similarities that occur between cultures and the many subcultures encountered within this population. This presentation will ensure the ability to competently facilitate and guide those who are Gifted-LGBTTIQQ2SA+ in order to demonstrate respect, facilitate, and support unconditional love so that they can continue to grow, thrive, survive, and live.  Furthermore, this presentation is geared for counselors/therapists, educators, family members and others who support and assist individuals who are Gifted LGBTQ+.  

Bronwyn MacFarlane

To provide culturally responsive education for gifted learners, access to culturally appropriate learning experiences must be available through local schools and programs. Two relevant components of delivering culturally responsive education include (1) providing access to advanced programmatic learning opportunities and (2) developing foreign language skills within an advanced curriculum. This talk will focus on how to provide culturally responsive education through access to advanced educational opportunities that are culturally responsive and culturally informed. 

Sally Reis - WCGTC Webinar Speaker

Sally Reis

What practices make a difference as educators strive to develop the innovative and creative talents of young girls and women  in specific disciplines or domains? Do young women have adequate numbers of role models to develop their creativity and sense of creative self-efficacy? How do talented girls and women maintain their drive to create when they encounter obstacles that threaten their love of and passion for their work? In what ways can educators, and particularly, educators of talented and gifted girls and young women, serve as agents of positive change to help these young women develop their creativity to make a positive impact and difference in the world? And most important, despite the obstacles and barriers they face, how do we convince this population to pursue leadership opportunities in their professional fields or work? These questions will be addressed in this session.


March 20, 2023
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm


World Council for Gifted and Talented Children
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