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Submission Guidelines

Gifted and Talented International (GTI) is an international, refereed journal devoted to publishing original research, theoretical studies, review papers or accounts of practice that contribute to our understanding and promotion of giftedness, talent, creativity, and optimal development of children, adolescents, and adults. Its purpose is to share current theory, research, and practice in gifted education with its audience of international educators, scholars, researchers, and parents. GTI is published twice a year.

Submission of a manuscript to GTI represents a certification on the part of the author(s) that it is an original work, and that neither this manuscript nor a version of it has been published previously nor is being considered for publication elsewhere. If accepted by this journal, it is not to be published elsewhere without permission from GTI. However, conference papers included as part of conference proceedings may be considered for submission, if such papers are revised in accordance with the format accepted by this journal, updated if need be, and full acknowledgement given to the conference or convention in which the paper was originally presented.

Electronic Submission

Authors should send the final, revised version of their articles through ScholarOne at http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/GTI. All submitted papers are assessed using a blind refereeing process and will be reviewed by at least two independent referees. Author names should be on a separate page from the manuscript. Authors will receive constructive feedback on the outcome of this process. Please note that the process will take two to three months. Manuscripts should be written in accordance with the latest publication manual of the American Psychological Association. For example, the following is the appropriate format:

Title Page

Include title of paper, names(s) of author(s), affiliation, mailing address (include postal codes, if applicable also email address and fax number) and a running head. The title page will be removed by the Editor, prior to the refereeing process, to allow for a blind review.


The abstract should consist of 150 – 200 words under the title of the article. The abstract must, if the result of empirical research, be an outline of the theoretical basis, research question(s) (in one sentence if possible), method and instrumentation, sample(s) and pertinent characteristics (e.g., number, type, gender, and age) as well as the main findings of the study (if applicable include statistical significance levels). Also, include conclusion and the implications or applications. An abstract for a review or a theoretical article should have no more than 150 words on the topic (in one sentence), including the purpose, thesis or organizing structure, and the scope of the article. It should outline the sources used (e.g. personal observation and/or published literature) and the conclusions.


A paper submitted should be approximately 6000 words or less, including the abstract, keywords, references, and illustrations.


Gifted and Talented International is an international scholarly journal and papers should be written in English. Non-native English speakers should have their papers checked for language accuracy prior to submission. British spelling, as well as American spelling, is accepted.


Papers must be word processed, with a clear print, double-spaced with 1 inch (2.54 cm) at the top, bottom, left and right of every page (as according to APA 7th edition requirements).


Abbreviations should be kept to a minimum and not followed by a period, for example cm (not cm.), kg (not kg.)

References, Illustrations, Figures, and Tables

Authors should adhere to the formatting guidelines provided in the latest APA Manual.


When manuscripts are accepted and the journal issue is to be produced, a proof will be sent to the lead author to be checked.


Authors of accepted manuscripts must transfer copyright to Taylor and Francis which holds copyright to all articles and reviews. Authors may use the article elsewhere after publication, providing that they follow the copyright guidelines as agreed upon.


Gifted & Talented International receives all manuscript submissions electronically via its ScholarOne Manuscripts portal located at http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/GTI. ScholarOne Manuscripts allows for rapid submission of original and revised manuscripts, and facilitates the review process and internal communication between authors, editors, and reviewers via a web-based platform. ScholarOne technical support can be accessed at http://mchelp.manuscriptcentral.com/gethelpnow/. If you have any other requests, please contact Co-Editor, Leonie Kronborg, at leonie.kronborg@monash.edu.

Note that you must submit also, on a separate page together with your manuscript, 50-100 words of biographical information about each author to be published with the article. Contact address(es) should be included.


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