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The WCGTC is best known for its World Conference, which is held every two years at a different location around the world and brings together leaders in the field of gifted and talented education. While we are known for our biennial conference, the spirit of sharing actually goes on year round among our membership.

By joining the WCGTC you can become part of this vital network and have access to hundreds of other peers while learning about the latest developments in the field of gifted children. Sign up today and connect and share with THE global community for gifted and talented education.

It’s easy to become a regular member of the WCGTC. Membership is $75 each year and you can sign-up using the online membership form. We are able to accept VISA, MasterCard, and DISCOVER for online payment. For other forms of payment such as check or wire transfer, contact Headquarters at Two-year memberships receive a $10 discount.

To support the ongoing operations of the WCGTC, we offer additional levels of contribution- Silver, Gold, and Platinum memberships. Fees in the Silver, Gold, or Platinum categories have an additional advantage in that 10% of their value is credited to the World Council Scholarship Fund which supports bringing those who could otherwise not afford it to the World Conference. You can also donate a set amount to the scholarship fund. For more information visit

Graduate Students enrolled in a program of graduate studies related to gifted education and not employed full-time can apply for a reduced membership of $50 per year. A graduate supervisor must approve your application.


$ 75+ Yearly
  • Regular - $75 USD
  • Silver - $150 USD
  • Gold - $375 USD
  • Platinum - $750 USD


$ 140+
  • Regular - $140 USD
  • Silver - $285 USD
  • Gold - $725 USD
  • Platinum - $1425 USD


$ 1875
  • No expiration


$ 50 Yearly
  • One Year - $50


$ 250+ Yearly
  • Non-profit Affiliates - $250 USD
  • For-profit Affiliates - $350 USD
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