Leslie Graves Resignation

It is with regret that the WCGTC Executive Committee announces that Leslie Graves has tendered her resignation as President of the WCGTC due to personal obligations. The Executive Committee thanks Leslie for her many years of service and dedication to the WCGTC. Throughout the years, Leslie has served as Delegate, Executive Committee member, and most recently, President. She leaves a legacy of networking with various individuals around the world to increase awareness of the WCGTC and gifted education. Leslie specifically wished to advocate in nations traditionally underserved. We appreciate her dedication and wish her well.

Denise Fleith (Brazil) was serving as Vice President. Pursuant to Section 7.7 of the Bylaws, Denise has agreed to assume the office of President until the conclusion of the upcoming World Conference in Sydney. Also in accordance with Section 7.7 of the Bylaws, it was decided that Leonie Kronborg will step into the Vice-President position. Thank you to Denise and Leonie for their willingness to serve.

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