Call for GTI Editor 2023 – 2028

The Editor of Gifted and Talented International, the official journal of the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children, is responsible for soliciting, reviewing, and editing appropriate manuscripts for publication. The editor of GTI must have a vision to guide the journal issues from inception through production and distribution. The editor serves for a five-year term that may be renewed. There is no financial support available. However, a lifetime membership to the WCGTC will be given to the editor. GTI publishes two journal issues per year. Topics vary from gifted education to giftedness through the lifespan. The editorial board meets virtually at least four times a year. Members of the editorial board represent the international professional scientific community.

Criteria to be considered in selecting a new Editor for Gifted and Talented International

  1. Previous participation in the WCGTC (e.g., regular attendance and presentations at conferences).
  2. Demonstrates deep and broad knowledge of the scholarship related to gifted education, talent development, and creativity, including both psychological and educational issues as well as understanding of policy and practice within the field.
  3. Demonstrates evidence of previous editing experience.
  4. Demonstrates the skills to communicate clearly and constructively with authors in an appropriate tone.
  5. Demonstrates facility with technology commonly used with scholarly journals (e.g., as editor, reviewer, journal article author).
  6. Shows commitment to get each issue of GTI produced and published as scheduled.
  7. Shows commitment to finalize the reviewing process of each manuscript within three months.
  8. Demonstrates competence in assembling, supervising, and managing a staff/team.
  9. Demonstrates competence in a broad range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies.
  10. Exhibits proof of a broad network of prospective authors from different regions and professional scientific communities.
  11. Articulates an understanding of and willingness to abide by official WCGTC policies.
  12. Articulates a willingness to work with the WCGTC Executive Committee and Executive Administrator as needed and as defined within WCGTC regulations and policy (e.g., generate reports) and demonstrates through previous employment or experience an ability to work as a member of a team.
  13. Demonstrates a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  14. Ensures the highest standards of academic excellence, ethical integrity, a commitment to academic freedom, and legal probity.
  15. Works together with the WCGTC and Taylor and Francis to promote the reputation, academic success, and prosperity of the Journal.


The GTI Editor may not hold a position in the Executive Committee during his/her editorship, nor may the GTI Editor hold other positions that create a conflict of interest.


  1. Submit a one-page letter of interest by June 15 to
  2. Prospective applicants must also submit the following by August 1, 2022:
    1. A letter of application addressing the candidate’s ability to meet the criteria stated above.
    2. A curriculum vitae that highlights significant scholarly activity and qualifications.
    3. Two letters of reference that attest to the qualities sought in the position (note that current WCGTC Executive Committee members are not available to write letters of reference)
  3. The appointed committee invites the finalist candidates for a criteria-based interview.
  4. The WCGTC President, in consultation with an appointed committee, will make a candidate recommendation to the WCGTC Executive Committee.

Once appointed
The new editor will transition with the current editor and publisher beginning October 1, 2022 and will be responsible for 10 issues of the journal beginning with the first issue of 2023.

Interested applicants should first submit a one-page letter of interest to Headquarters at by June 15. Full applications must be submitted at by August 1 for full consideration after which finalist candidates will be invited for a criteria-based interview. Questions may be directed to

Download a pdf of the editor criteria.

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