World Council for Gifted and Talented Children Releases Global Principles for Professional Learning in Gifted Education

World Council for Gifted and Talented Children Releases Global Principles for Professional Learning in Gifted EducationFor Immediate Release

The World Council for Gifted and Talented Children (WCGTC) has released a new document, “Global Principles for Professional Learning in Gifted Education,” filled with guidance for decision-makers at the local, regional, state/provincial, and national levels. The ten principles outlined provide clear guidance on professional learning that needs to occur to ensure children and young people’s talents and potential are developed to the highest levels.

This document is intended as a tool to create positive change on behalf of gifted students locally, regionally, and globally. The principles can serve to urge educational leaders and policymakers to invest in professional learning to benefit gifted education. Policymakers should adopt policies that mandate the inclusion of gifted education in teacher education programs at national, regional, and local levels.

The full document can be accessed at and an accompanying poster is available at (Note: Based upon feedback, Principle 5 was updated to include socio-economic statuses. The updated documents were posted on November 1, 2021.)

The development committee features 24 educators from 19 countries and comprises Anies Al-Hroub (Lebanon), Rosemary Cathcart (New Zealand), Viviene DeOkoro (Jamaica), Soha Elzalabany (Egypt), Szilvia Fodor (Hungary), Shelagh Gallagher (USA), Şule Güçyeter (Turkey), Ahmed Hamdan (UAE), Norma Hafenstein (USA), Ernst Albert Hany (Germany), Mojca Juriševič (Slovenia), Joi Lin (USA), Michael Kainose Mhlolo (South Africa), Federica Mormando (Italy), Srinivasan Muthusamy (India), Connie Phelps (USA), Julia Link Roberts (USA), Michelle Ronksley-Pavia (Australia), Bruce M. Shore (Canada), Kayla Steffens (USA), Margaret Sutherland (Scotland), Eleonoor van Gervan (Netherlands), Mantak Yuen (Hong Kong), and Rachel Zorman (Israel).

About the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children

The WCGTC is a worldwide non-profit organization that provides advocacy and support for gifted children. The WCGTC is a diverse organization networking the globe with an active membership of educators, scholars, researchers, parents, and others interested in the development and education of gifted and talented children of all ages. To learn more about the WCGTC or to become a member, visit

Contact: Dr. Tyler Clark, or 1-270-745-6323.

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