World Council for Gifted and Talented Children Announces New Pricing Discounts

For Immediate Release

After a unanimous vote by the Executive Committee of the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children (WCGTC®), a new membership and conference discount system designed to make attendance more manageable for individuals from lower-income economies is now available.

The WCGTC® is committed to sharing information about research and best practices in gifted education, talent development, and creativity across the globe. To that end, effective March 2, 2022, discounts based on the World Bank Country Classifications are available for WCGTC® memberships or future WCGTC® World Conferences.

Countries classified as Upper-Middle Income pay 66% of full membership and conference fees, and countries classified as Lower-Middle Income pay 33% of the cost, while countries classified as Low Income now pay only 10% of the cost. A full view of the new pricing structure may be found at

Denise Fleith, President of the WCGTC®, said, “We believe this initiative will expand and strengthen worldwide partnerships to support and promote the development and education of gifted and talented children. We hope this step will be a positive way forward for us to reach people in more nations. The WCGTC is committed to ensure an equitable, inclusive, and diverse membership! We want to learn from and work with people from different regions of the world interested in serving gifted children.”

While the membership database is being updated, interested parties can email WCGTC® Headquarters ( for assistance in joining at the reduced rates.

About the WCGTC®

The WCGTC® commits its resources to the following activities:

  • Facilitating the worldwide communication of information, ideas, and experiences through a biennial World Conference, a newsletter (World Gifted), a journal (Gifted and Talented International), and a social media presence;
  • Creating an atmosphere of acceptance and recognition of gifted and talented children from any background in any country;
  • Supporting and disseminating research into the nature of giftedness, talents, creativity, and the education of gifted and talented children and their teachers;
  • Writing position papers on topics related to gifted education and talent development for the use by stakeholders advocating for gifted education around the world;
  • Supporting teacher education, professional learning, and the ongoing development of expertise in the education of gifted and talented individuals.

Learn more about the WCGTC® by visiting Contact: Dr. Tyler Clark,

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  1. Congratulations, Dr. Fleith, finally a suggestion we have made for many years now came true!! We, from the so-called “Upper-Middle Income” countries have so many contributions to gifted education! We are used to serve gifted children, adolescents and adults even within so precarious conditions!

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